Kristoffer Roxas

I'll try not to break my hand jerking myself off in this about page. I've been known to exaggerate or over-inflate my ego. The truth is I'm pretty normal. I wasn't blessed with tremendous talent, but I'm intense, self-aware, and persistent. That allows me to Naruto my way to success.


I took fashion design at Blanche Macdonald Center in Vancouver, Canada. My application included a lifestyle fashion brand that I built in 24 hours and made about $150 profit. We sold blue suede shoes and our sales came from mostly larger men's shoe sizes that aren't typically available in retail stores. I also bought a French watch company, freelance design through my company Roxas Agency, and sell print-on-demand and custom manufactured products through this website (KrisRoxas.com)

Hip Hop Dance

Currently I'm a member of a collegiate team called the Rare Candies. I was a professional dancer in Los Angeles in 2015 for a few months. I think there were other dancers that deserved those jobs and sponsorships, but I made the right friends and just asked. Ended up being in music videos, a short documentary, and sponsored by Cadillac. Tons of fun, probably one of the most interesting parts of my life so far.

Nightlife and Events

I was a club promoter and bartender. At my height in 2013-2014 I was bringing out 10-30 people a night and was the launch promoter for a new club in Vancouver. Nightlife is wild and bad for sleep, but it was fun for a while.


Besides the fashion businesses, I've also sold door-to-door, managed people's social media, and interned or worked with several businesses. Often I launch test businesses or challenges to see if a niche or an idea is viable, or if I like it. The feedback I get from it is really insightful and helps me adjust my approach moving forward. Doesn't necessarily matter if it works or if it doesn't, I learn something, and it's fun to do. Curiosity is a major factor for me.


Overall, I think I live an interesting life. I'd like to arrive at my grave thinking, "God damn that was a fun ride. I'm a badass." That's the real goal. Just being the maximum version of myself, having the most fulfilling life possible.